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Men's Health Coach is a health and wellbeing counselling service that is developed for the specific needs of Men and their partners or families. It provides a combination of therapies and tools to address heath & wellbeing challenges delivered by Clinical Psychotherapists.


It starts with a good honest chat.


Think of MHC as a 

Personal Trainer for your Mental Fitness 

Blond and Bearded

Specialist Mens Health Coaching

Men's Health Coach offers clinical counselling and therapy to men and their partners. In Australia, Men are far less likely to invest into their mental health and wellbeing. 


Men's Health Coach offers a discrete, inclusive, relaxed and non-judgemental approach to exploring issues and introducing actions that can improve your life. 

Our sessions focus on identifying the mindsets that inform your world view, your decision making framework and resulting actions or inactions. Our Coaches will give you tools to practise healthy mindset, decisions and actions. Like a personal trainer, our Coaches are not here to diagnose or treat you, we are here to help you perform optimally. Eating well and regular exercise will benefit your physical health. It will also benefit your mental fitness and with our tools together they will help you achieve better mental health for you and your partner. You are in control of the process and every session.













A big part of MHC is working with Men on their life goals, health and wellbeing. However the second most popular reason to engage MHC is to work with your partner on relationship health. We call it couples therapy. 


Although MHC is a well curated service focused on Mens Health, it offers clinical psychotherapy for partners, women and children too. Men are fathers, brothers, sons, partners and mates. MHC is an inclusive counselling service working with Men and the important people who make up their world. We are Men's Health Specialist Clinical Counsellors and Coaches rather than for ‘men only’. 

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decision making


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couples therapy

Handyman with Hammer

Why Mens Health Coach

Male emotional and psychological distress may sometimes emerge in ways that do not fit comfortably within conventional approaches. Research shows that men may be more likely to lack some of the known foundations of good mental health, such as an authentic engagement, empathy or the emotional support of friends and family. This not only impacts the male but their family, partner, friends and colleagues. It can cause a claustrophobic constriction that makes men feel detached, helpless and fearful. Often you may hear men say they feel lost and can't explain why. This is a key symptom that the person needs support and quickly. 


Men may fail to recognise or act on warning signs, and may be unable or unwilling to seek help from support services. At the further end of the spectrum they may rely on unwise, unsustainable self-management strategies or advice from friends that could be damaging not only to themselves but also to those around them. (source: Men's health forum, 2018) 

Often in Australia seeking help (from a counsellor) is perceived as a confirmation that someone has a problem. That is simply not the case. Like each person has a different finger print, each person has a different mental model, and trying to fit into a cultural norm or macho stereotype does not work for most men. 


Men are more likely to engage a personal trainer to help address their physical health. It's time there was a service like personal training for mental health and wellbeing – that is why Men’s Health Coach was created.

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Read the warning signs

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You are unique

Benefits of MHC

  • Feel better about yourself

  • Embrace a diverse and unique masculine identity

  • Feel supported by your qualified Men's Health Coach

  • Understand your mindset and how your brain architecture has been created

  • Understand how your decision making framework is working for or against you

  • Understand your actions and why you do what you do

  • Learn tools to grow positive behaviour 

  • Develop healthy relationships

  • Learn your strengths and how to harness them to achieve your goals. 

  • Discover the joy in self assurance, acceptance and intimacy

  • Practise Mind Fitness everyday

Book now and start living your life authentically. 


MHC provides its clients with personalised counselling and coaching service. 


MHC works with clients to design and deliver effective couples counselling, coaching and training that support health relationships.


Each MHC client is provided an invitation to join group activities, retreats or workshops to boost their mental fitness.

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